So I spent most of Friday sipping  jasmine pearl + jade mint tea, taking pictures and posting new inventory for the shop! It was a long day, but so much fun!

Don't Skip Squats #Print | Red Autumn Co.

I made this Don’t Skip Squats print originally just for me, then I realized you may need a daily reminder too. So far, I haven’t missed a day. I feel like a champ.

Messy Hair Don't Care #print | Red Autumn Co.

Messy Hair Don’t Care.

Take Heart #print | Red Autumn Co.

Take Heart | This print is also available in honey yellow.

Always Be Joyful #print | Red Autumn Co.

Always Be Joyful | This print is also available in peach rose garland.

Honey Rose Garland Recipe Cards | Red Autumn Co.

Honey Rose Garland Recipe Cards | Also available in Peach Rose Garland.

Fleur Bouquet Assortment Recipe Cards | Red Autumn Co.

Fleur Bouquet Assortment Recipe Cards | These designs are also available individually. You can view them here.

I hope you enjoy the new designs! Remember shipping is free, because that’s the best! I ship every Monday, Wednesday and Friday :)

2 thoughts on “Red Autumn Co Shop Update

  1. Yay!! Such pretty stuff! My favorite is the “take heart” and the rainbow recipe cards! You’re such a beautiful artist!

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