What’s better than floating shelves? Nothing.

Well, except for making it yourself and how cheap this project was. $35 + stain will get you floating crate shelves. I had three of these crates stored away in the Red Autumn closet (oh yes, there’s a closet full of happiness waiting to be completed and shared) I thought I would need to add to our crate bookshelf, but then I had an idea…

Floating Crate Shelves | Red Autumn

Three crates did the trick for our king size bed. Here’s what you’ll need:

What you need | Red Autumn

I started a movie and began the tedious work of staining. It was worth it.

How To Floating Crate Shelves | Red Autumn

Screw the shelves into the wall using a drill. I used a lot of screws, better safe than sorry! It’s very sturdy. I have thick hardcover books and flowers on the shelves.

Floating Crate Shelves For A Bedroom | Red Autumn

I love the simplicity of floating shelves and the rustic feel of the crates, combined together make a happy project. Happy nesting!

*You should also check out DIY Crate Bookshelf!

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