If you follow me on Pinterest, you know from my countless kitchen pins I love open shelving. Unfortunately I can’t remove our cabinets in our loft, but  we can add our own shelves! And when I say “we” I mean Stephen he is the brains behind this project.

DIY Kitchen Shelves | Red Autumn Co

I collect pyrex, tea pots and salt & pepper shakers  —I needed insanely safe and trusty shelves in order to use them. Stephen knew exactly what to do and I’m happy to share it with you today! You will need:

What You Need - Kitchen Shelves | Red Autumn Co
Sand Shelves | Red Autumn Co

Stephen used a circular saw to cut two 1x6x8 boards then he sanded them.

Level Shelves | Red Autumn Co

Use a level to make sure your shelves are perfect. You don’t want sliding dishes! Use a pencil to mark the placement.

*Side note* Stephen used a dremel tool to make the bracket recessed in the board. It’s magical.

Details of Kitchen Shelves | Red Autumn Co

In order for the shelves to hold a lot of weight, Stephen used self-drilling drywall anchors. One anchor can hold 65 pounds. For each shelf he used four.

Lots of love for my Kitchen Shelves | Red Autumn Co copy

There you have it! Stephen completed this project in a couple of hours. I painted the shelves black and my pyrex has been safe since! Happy October 1st!

P.S. Recognize that tea pot? It’s the same tea pot from this post!

3 thoughts on “DIY Kitchen Shelves

  1. LOVE!!! This has inspired me for a future project. I collect owls[currently putting on halt because I have so many] and this would be so cool to do something like this along with some pictures of my grandmother[who loved owls] who inspired my collection of owls. And obviously, I love your owl S&P shakers!

    1. Yay! I love owls too, they’re so cute! I once saw an owl hanging out on the side of our roof. I’m pretty sure he was trying to deliver some Hogwarts mail to me…

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