Below are 10 handmade gift ideas for you guys. Christmas is almost here and if I’m honest I’m not entirely ready —I still have a few gifts to wrap! If you are looking for some handmade gift ideas, here are a few!

IMG_39611. Polka Dot Kitchen Towel.
Painting fabric is so much fun. Get creative and make other shapes! Or make it personal and paint their favorite quote.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 1.04.48 PM2. Kitchen Magnets
This year I shared two ways to make your own magnets: glitter cubes and wooden spools. Rachel also shared her gold nugget magnet DIY. All three of these projects are quick and easy to make.

IMG_32413. Beeswax Candles.
I’m actually making more beeswax candles today! It’s so fun and relaxing. There’s nothing like burning your own homemade candle and also making it as a gift! Your friends and family will love it.

Finished Bracelets | MrsAmberApple4. Simple Bracelets.
Three simple bracelet ideas!

IMG_40275. Embroidery Art.
Oh Honey and Home Is Where Your WiFi Is. So fun! Play a movie or your favorite tv show and get to work. Embroidery is special because it is hand crafted art and I think would make a lovely gift!

Make This Geometric Pillow | MrsAmberApple6. Crocheted Geometric Pillow.
Compared to other crochet projects this pattern will go by fairly quickly. If you know someone who appreciates coziness then this may be the perfect gift!

Polka Dot Champagne Glass | Red Autumn7. Polka Dot Champagne Glasses.
New Years Eve is quickly approaching and these champagne glasses would make a great gift!

IMG_46148. Knitted Scarf.
A knitted scarf always makes a great gift! The Seed Stitch is quick and simple if you have a basic knowledge of knitting.


Simple Framing Project | MrsAmberApple9. Simple Framing Project.
Personalize something special —maybe a photo or a print!

Painted Tea Cup Dishwasher Safe | Red Autumn Co10. Painted Tea Cup
I love this tea cup. I have a few more and I’m pretty sure they will be graced with gold soon!  What a fun way to personalize a gift!

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